Audi to unveil Lightweight TT Quattro Concept at 2013 Worthersee Festival

2013 Audi TT ultra quattro Concept - FrontView

2013 Audi TT ultra quattro Concept – FrontView

Audi seized the opportunity at the 2013 Worthersee Festival in Austria, a major Volkswagen and Audi gathering for enthusiasts, to unveil an even harder and faster version of its TT sports coupe. The result: the 2013 Audi TT Ultra Quattro Concept, a car that carries the mission of being the lightest and most potent Audi TT that money can buy. Wörthersee 2013 to be held from May 8 to 11, 2013 in Reifnitz, Austria.

What makes this happen? A complete and total weight loss of nearly 400kg, the vehicle now weighs 1,111 kgs with power to weight ratio at 3.6 kgs/hp. This comes thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium, and other fancy materials all around like Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers, and Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymers.

Under the hood sits Volkswagen’s 2.0-litre TFSI turbocharged four-banger that’s good for nearly 310 hp power and 400 Nm of torque. The result is a 0-62 time of just 4.2 seconds (about 1.3 seconds faster than the series production model and just 0.1 seconds slower than TT RS Plus) and has a top speed of 280 kmph.

2013 Audi TT ultra quattro Concept - RearView

2013 Audi TT ultra quattro Concept – RearView

Of course, suspension was tweaked all around to hone in handling while the brakes receive ceramic discs to help dissipate heat faster from the power stops. Audi went even as far as to incorporate the current TT’s use of a lithium-ion accessory and starter battery, rather than a traditional lead battery, that sits under the driver’s seat, to help save weight.

As far as internal features are concerned, the Audi TT comes with air conditioning, electric windows and electromechanical parking brakes. Exteriors see modified spoilers, carbon rear wing and milled aluminum base. Crankcase, crankshaft, balance shafts, flywheel, oil sump, and bolts, as well as other accessory systems all see reduced weight by a total of 25 kgs.

Audi didn’t say whether the TT Ultra Quattro Concept would make production or not.
Check out the picture of the interior, below the jump.


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2013 Audi TT ultra quattro Concept - InteriorView

2013 Audi TT ultra quattro Concept – InteriorView