Audi India’s new campaign ‘Act in Race 2’

Audi cars in movie Race 2

When you open the Facebook page of Audi India, you will notice a banner image of Bollywood stars (of the upcoming film – Race 2), where a campaign is being held for the Audi social media fans entitled ‘Act in Race 2’ Contest, with Jacqueline Fernandes and John Abraham promoting it. The concept is to imagine that you have won an award for the best co-star and record the speech that you would deliver on receiving the award, and upload a video of it. It’s an opportunity to become an overnight celebrity! An contest which fulfills your dream of being a part of a Bollywood film to be true. Who wouldn’t like that?

We have seen many times in the past, brands associating with Bollywood actors and giving fans a chance to feature in an ad with a star, but this is the first time that a brand is providing the opportunity to co-star in a Bollywood movie.

Now stop dreaming and start shooting your award acceptance speech. The campaign is easy to participate in, anyways, we wish the contestants good luck, and good going Audi India.

If you look at Audi India Facebook page, you will see over a million likes for a brand that would have just a few thousand customers in the country. More than 99% of the people who ‘like’ the page, are not even potential Audi buyers, they would just like to drool over the sight of an Audi.  Just like how a rockstar needs fans to be called a rockstar, brand admirers are just as important as brand owners.
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Audi cars in movie Race 2 - 001

Audi cars in movie Race 2 - 002