Audi Connect now with Google Streetview, Internet radio with 4000 stations


Audi offers the A8 with some Google Earth integration, but until now, it was just that, Google Earth in a car, but now Google’s Street View is part of the system, which has also gotten an audio upgrade.

Many people do not have 4,000 songs on their iPod, now though, the Audi connect services offer 4,000 internet radio stations as part of their Audi music stream app.

Like many other in-car satellite navigation systems, the infotainment system preloads navigation data once you choose your route, but in this case, the Google Street View images pertaining to the route are pre loaded as well thanks to 3G wireless internet.

Google Earth images and Street View, weather, news, Audi traffic information online or Audi music stream, directly into Audi’s optional MMI navigation plus.


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