Audi is working hard to differentiate its cars from looking same

Audi A7

As beautiful as Audi’s lineup is inside-out, it’s hard to find a nice variety of design differences between most of its vehicles. For example, the new A6 looks very similar to the A4 and the A7 looks very similar to the A8. Audi has heard the feedback of its customers and is working on a range-wide revamp of its design language as it expands its lineup with a range of new SUVs, sedans and sports cars.

Audi design director Stefan Sielaff says that the company is already into the project and will closely define a set of individual themes for each of the three major segments.

The new project is known as AQR – A which stands for Audi (sedans and hatches), Q for Quattro (SUVs) and R for sports cars.

“We know that some people think our saloons look too alike and are well into a project to change that,” Sielaff told AutoCar, “we will mainly do that with the proportions of those cars”.

We guess we can expect some nice Audi design concepts to debut very soon.


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