The nation wants to know about Arnab Goswami’s pictures with cops

The whole country is prepared to go on a trolling spree if Arnab Goswami, the top gun of Times Now, gets included in one contention or other. Now some pictures with a red Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 supercar, the mainstream TV reporter in his tracks and a cluster of Mumbai cops, have turned into a web sensation.

lamborghini-huracan-arnab-gowami-police-picturesArnab Goswami and a Lamborghini Huracan snapped at Worli Sea Face in Mumbai.

On the off chance that asked to reach a conclusion by simply taking a gander at the photos, one will surely feel that Mr. Goswami whose decision of profession is to pretty much grill (some call it insulting) individuals on live TV for transgressing against the law has quite recently turned into the object of the country’s derision by overstepping the law himself. The vicinity of the searing red Italian sportscar just makes the over speeding hypothesis all the more a probable issue.

Notwithstanding, there is substantially more to this photo than what meets the eye. Also, no, this time, Arnab Goswami has not placed himself in an irresponsible position before the country, the very country, which he considers, needs to know the solutions for his inquiries to government officials. He instead assumed an instrumental part in seizing a businessperson who chose to put individual street clients in danger as he pounded down the Bandra-Worli sea-link in Mumbai in the Huracan which ended up being a test drive vehicle having a place with the neighbourhood dealership.

police-arnab-gowami-lamborghini-huracan-pictures.A demo car belonging to Lamborghini Mumbai was pulled-over by the traffic police.

Media reports say that Arnab saw the speeding Lambo and called the nearby police who then ceased the person driving the car. Times Now says that its top representative was only being capable resident in this whole disaster which drove individuals imagine that Mr. Country needs-to-know was the man behind the Lambo’s wheel.

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Image CreditNikhil Rastogi and Saket Todi