Salman Khan gifts Kichcha Sudeep with BMW M5 Competition Pack

Salman Khan is a renowned car enthusiast. Along with many high-displacement motorcycles, the star owns a range of high-end cars and SUVs. Salman likes to give cars to his family and friends to show gratitude and affection. His latest gift for the car went to Kichcha Sudeep, his Dabangg 3 co-actor. Salman has delivered a brand-new BMW M5 Competition pack.


This BMW M5 Competition was launched last-year on the Indian market. It is priced at Rs 1.55 crore, ex-showroom and converts into approximately Rs 1.85 crore on-road price rivalling head-on with the Mercedes-AMG E63 S in India. This is the only BMW M5 Competition pack available in the country. It is a Completely Built Unit (CBU) which is imported as per the requirement in the Indian market.

Compared to the regular BMW 5-Series, the M5 is a high-performance sedan that looks very aggressive and sporty. The car is getting a number of changes including the front grille gloss-black accents, ORVMs, side air vents, rear diffuser, and a sporty spoiler. The car also gets on the tailgate a twin-exhaust feature from the M-Series and a M5 Competition badge. The M5 also gets a plastic roof reinforced with high strength carbon fiber, which is only available with this variant of the M5. The side-skirt, front bumper, and rear bumper are other offensive parts.

It obtains a high-performance V8 twin-turbocharged petrol engine which produces a massive 750 Nm 625 PS and peak torque. The car gets an automatic 8-speed gearbox. Thanks to the M XDrive system which offers modes such as 4WD, 4WD sport and RWD, the car can do 0-100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds. The RWD system disengages the FWD altogether, making the car a pure fun machine.

Salman’s last film, the Dabangg 3 was released on December 20 and it’s been doing a business of over Rs 137 crores. It’s a huge amount and in the cinemas, the movie’s going strong. Kichcha Sudeep is a very popular actor in South Indian films and has played the role of a villain in the Dabangg 3 new edition. The film is set to break previous Dabangg 2 records.

On Instagram Kichcha Sudeep shared a collage saying it’s the sweetest gesture ever. Salman Khan surprised the actor by dropping in and gifting the car at his place. A few days ago, Salman also delivered a precious jacket from his collection to Sudeep. The jacket had a pet painted on it that is Salman Khan’s. In the past Salman has given many others cars and other valuable things. He also has Katrina Kaif’s Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography and later gifted his mother, with the Long Wheelbase version.


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