Maruti's CNG range

To get relief of increasing pollution problems in Gujarat! The state government seems to have found a solution. On July 25, the Gujarat high court has ordered the state government to do what’s necessary for vehicles to switch over to natural gas within a span of a year. The court has given the state government two months to issue notifications making this rule compulsory for all four wheelers in the state.

Moreover, the court has also told the state government to impose strict regulations regarding reduction of pollution levels by keeping a vigilant eye on emission levels of private vehicles and to ensure that these levels are on par with international norms. The order will be applicable on both private-owned as also public vehicles sipping petrol/diesel.

For petrol vehicle owners, the solution seems comparatively simpler as the CNG kits can be easily installed in most petrol cars as there are minimal engine changes needed for the same, but the fitment of a CNG kit in Diesel car is not an easy task. Since the Diesel engines are fundamentally different from petrol engines and have different compression ratio, no spark plugs etc. it is not a straight forward task to convert a diesel vehicle to CNG. Usually the engine needs to be replaced with a petrol engine in case a diesel car needs to run on CNG fuel which involves much higher costs as compared to adding a CNG kit in a petrol car.


What we say? Sensing that Gujarat could become the CNG state soon, car makers such as Chevrolet, Hyundai, Maruti and Tata besides Hindustan that also offers Hindustan Ambassador CNG will be pitching in their natural gas run cars in Gujarat. Meanwhile, the existing owners are in a state are the worst affected and they need to get their cars installed with natural gas car kits that could also become costly and in addition to it the new petrol and diesel car owners will lose warranty of their cars.


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  • mehul patel

    what about those cars which were just sold. what about total cost of kit……
    number of cng stations are not enough for big cities……
    i respect highcourt’s order, but time limit should be increase upto 4 to 5 years.

  • Existing vehicle owners should switch over to the clean fuel within a year. And the normal CNG kit costs INR 25,000 (including RC endorsement). The government has been encouraging the use of CNG for vehicle transport and it is already available in most of the major cities across India. According to a Centre for Science and Environment India study in 2010, 150-200 Indian cities will have CNG filling stations by 2014 and about 58 lakh vehicles in India will be running on CNG by the end of 2020.

  • sids.808

    Thats the nice decision to convert all the vehicles to the gas cause it helps in keeping the environment clean.