2012 Auto Expo – Tata Motors unveils upgraded Nano, Nano CNG, Pixel & Aria AT

Tata Motors vehicles launched at the 2012 Auto Expo includes the upgraded Tata Nano and Nano CNG, Pixel concept, Indica Vista Concept S2, Indigo Manza Hybrid Concept, the all-new Tata Safari Storme and Tata Aria-AT or Automatic Transmission.

Tata Pixel

Tata Motors unveiled the new concept called Tata Pixel, which is based on the Tata Nano at the 2012 Auto Expo. This city car concept features like toroidal, traction drive and infinitely variable transmission (IVT), Zero Turn park assist system along with its minimum turning circle makes it very comprehensive and user friendly car in the city. This city car is very appealing with rejuvenating styling along with the panoramic sunroof, the scissor doors and accommodation of four people. Tata Motors had earlier declared that the Pixel would have 1.2 liter diesel engine with a mileage of 29kmpl and CO2 emission of 89grams/km.

Tata Nano CNG

The vehicle that could also manage to get some limelight was Tata Nano with its CNG concept car and an upgraded Nano concept car. The Nano CNG concept car is powered by petrol and CNG motors. It is the most efficient petrol car in the country with the mileage of 25.4kmpl (ARAI Certified) and lowest CO2 emissions of 92.7gm/km. The CNG system is well incorporated in the car without compromising on the luggage space. The new system will also enable in quick switching between the two fuels.

Upgraded Tata Nano

The upgraded Tata Nano hosts some goodies like the Start-Stop technology that helps in reduction of fuel consumption, wide tyres with alloys, front disc brakes, vibrant exterior colour with stylish interiors, glove box, Pentagraph wiper system, Hazard warning switch, chrome strip on hood and tailgate and a music system.

Tata Aria-AT

The vehicle that also saw some upgrades include Aria-AT or Automatic concept featuring auto transmission, which improves the driving in the city bumper to bumper traffic at low speeds of 6-8kmph. The torque converter of the vehicle is great as it multiplies low end torque making it possible to drive at crawling speeds of 6-8kmph. The transmission has additional features like hill hold and decent control that will be available in both 4X2 and 4X4 version. There are three variants of Aria namely Sport, Economic and Cruise.

Thus, Tata is really betting big in developing new concept cars and upgrading all previous models.


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