A TVS-BMW 250cc bike to hit the Indian roads by mid-2014

TVS Apache modified

TVS Apache modified

The Indian 2-wheeler market has gone way ahead of just purpose of commutation, now it’s about style and power. Considering the current trend in the 2-wheeler segment the 250cc has been the most popular ones, since it maintains a good balance between power and mileage. There is tough competition among the bike manufacturers and each one wants to have bike in this segment. TVS Motors have been doing great with it Apache but considering that the bike is below 200cc, they are losing on a big piece of market share. On the other hand BMW has its bike above 600cc, which means they too are missing on the high volume market segment. To tackle this, TVS and BMW have joined hands and will produce a 2500cc bike in India.

While talking to Overdrive, Venu Srinivasan, chairman of TVS motors said, “We are certainly pleased at TVS as this gives us the ability to produce products above 250cc that we do not make today.” He also added that, “These products will be manufactured by us in India with two different styles, features and specifications, one for BMW for sale throughout the world and one for TVS,”. This means that TVS and BMW will have their own selling and marketing strategies. Both the companies will certainly benefit from this merger, since TVS will have access to BMW’s technology and BMW will be able to enter the much luring Indian bike segment with much less investment and push the sales figures much higher.

So far we have seen some good results coming from such mergers and we can hope to see some good quality TVS and BMW bikes soon.


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Source – Overdrive