A learner driver in UK fails to clear the theory test for 110th time

In a country like India it is not uncommon for a person to secure a driving license without ever paying a visit to the local RTO. Perhaps it is the major reason why we tend to visit so many accidents on our roads, because people who are not even qualified to drive are handling motorbikes and cars endangering the lives of others.

28-year-old-women-fails-driving-test-110-times-ukThe image used just as an illustration

However, in countries like UK there is no way you can secure a license unless you clear a theory test prior to taking a practical test for driving. It has been recently reported that a 28-year-old woman here was very determined to secure a driving license. So much so that she gave the theory test for 110 times but was unable to pass it.

As the test costs 31 GBP, the woman has spent a total of 3410 GBP on it so far along with the money she might have spent on traveling and stationary, etc. Failing the test 110 times have made this woman an all-time record holder. Following her is a 30-year-old man from Peterborough who appeared for and failed the theory exam 86 times. He is still not entitled to drive any vehicle legally.

The average pass rate in the theory test for obtaining the driving license in UK is just 65.4%. Even if that women manages to pass the theory test eventually, she will have to go through the practical test as well before she will be able to hit the streets with a vehicle. The practical test is 40 minutes long and the fee charged for it is 62 GBP (on weekdays) and 75 GBP (on weekends/ evenings/ bank holidays). We wish her luck and hope that the next time she decides to take up the test, she manages to clear it.

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Source – Dailymail