8 Russian Tractor videos that will leave you stunned

Rostov region in Western Russia holds an annual tractor race known as the Bison Track Show named by the agricultural machinery manufacturer ‘Bizon’ who also sponsors this event. The obstacles in the track race includes burning gates, mud baths and even jumps! Bizon claims that with the help of this track race event they wish to draw the attention of the nation’s young population back towards the most important sector- the agricultural sector.


Also, it can’t be denied that Russia has a national obsession as far as tractors are concerned. There are numerous videos posted on YouTube of these agricultural machines. Enlisted below are the 8 Russian tractor video that will make your jaw drop:

2012 Bison Track Show Highlight Reel

The Bison Track Show 2012 highlight reel in which 34 Russian mechanics are competing is a video that will leave you stunned. With over 300,000 views, this video features airborne tractors and all the action in the mud pits as well!

Tractor Rescue

Tractor Rescue is another video in which a man in a tractor tries to pull another tractor out of a mud pit by taking many tries. The video received other 200,000 views.

Tractor Acrobat (Tractorbat)

Tractorbat is the tractor video where it appears that the guy riding the tractor is sort of trying to perform gymnastic stunts with the machine.

Tractor Against Building

Put the keywords Tractor against building in the search box and you will come across this video in which the driver of a tractor literally rams his machine into a building and later hangs around there for some time.


With more than 125,000 views, another video shows a crew of people trying to pull a tractor out of the mud.

Inchworm Tractor

A video titled Inchworm tractor shows how a tractor driver improvises when his machine’s engine breaks down.

A Russian Tractor Driver Refuses to Give Up

In another video a Russian tractor driver’s machine gets struck in a river and he does every possible thing to get it out.

Flying Tractor

Another amazing video shows a tractor being hoisted into the air with the help of a crane and being lowered down into the bed of a truck.
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