An angry neighbor takes it out on the Ferrari Enzo and drives it like a Rally car

The video of a Ferrari Enzo being driven around the far like a rally car has recently surfaced over internet. It appears that a bored neighboring farming who was reading news while sitting inside his tractor saw his rich neighbor flaunting this red mean machine as he drove it crazy with spots of mud flying to land at the tractor and even on the neighbor’s face. This angered and enraged him so much. However, he just wiped cleared the mud on his face, turned his tractor and went back home. The angry neighbor was not seen for about an entire week.


Then one morning, out of the blue, he dialed Rakhi Sawant asking her to send media on his farm. In his answer to the rich neighbor’s actions, on suggestion of Rakhi Sawant over the phone, he named the Ferrari Enzo as Terror. He went on to impress the media by taking this gorgeous car out for a drive. The angry farmer neighbor was in such a hurry to teach his neighbor a lesson that he forgot to install roll-cage, a sports steering and a better Recaro seat. Well, we hope it will definitely help him in creating a faster tractor to improve his farm produce.

Ferrari Enzo is one of the best and finest cars manufactured by the Italian auto maker. The Ferrari Enzo has been powered by a 6.0 L Tipo F140B V12 engine. This engine has been coupled with a 6 speed semi-automatic transmission. This engine is powerful enough to deliver a power output of 660 PS and produces a maximum torque of 657 Nm. The Ferrari Enzo promises a top speed of 355 kilometers per hour. This mesmerizing car is capable of going from zero to 60 miles an hour in just 3.14 seconds.

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