A man drove his car on water for nearly 1001 feet

Is driving a car on water possible? Well, it appears to be possible though it may leave some people wondering how. Recently a video has surfaced on internet showing a man driving his car on water for about 1001 feet. It left the viewers in questioning how he actually succeeded in doing so.

We guess it was aquaplaning or hydroplaning. Haven’t heard about it? But you may have experience it while driving or riding in your car. Hydroplaning or aquaplaning is a phenomenon in which when a driver is riding the car at a very high speed and the car comes across a patch of water on the road, it basically losses traction from the road.

car-on-1001-feet-waterA man drove his car on water for nearly 1001 feet

This means, it is literally travelling on water. Hydroplaning could be carried out with a car or a bike. The risk of performing aquaplaning or hydroplaning tends to increase with certain factors such as water depth factors and vehicle sensitivity factors (vehicle type, weight, driving speed, acceleration, etc.). Also, two wheelers are more risky for aquaplaning stunts as the weight is distributed over less area.

The video shows Gudbjørn Grimsson doing something of the same kind. Gudbjørn Grimsson rode with Jeep Buggy over a water body. This Jeep Buggy is powered by an engine that produces a power output of 1600 HP and has fat wide tires. Gudbjørn Grimsson not only carried out this stunt perfectly but also succeeded in creating a world record by driving his Jeep Buggy for nearly 1001 feet on that water body.

A lot of videos have been surfacing over internet showing people from across the world performing awesome stunts with their cars or bikes. We request the people not to try that stunt on their own unless you are a quite a professional at it or are willing to drown along with your vehicle.

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