Drunk man laughingly stole policeman’s bike, then takes his cap too!

If it happened in the movies, someone would say it was far-fetched: A comical scene unfolded at Karnataka’s Hassan district recently, and it should top every embarrassing things you may have read that drunk people make!


A drunken man riding police officer’s motorcycle at Karnataka’s Hassan district.

An inebriated man decided to take the law into his own hands stealing policeman’s TVS Apache 150, and then he thought it would be extremely funny to steal the cop’s cap as well, so much so that he was visibly giddy with excitement, lead officers on a 1 km chase till they could get hold of him.

It was not clear how the suspect got the keys. From a footage of the incident captured on mobile camera, we can see the drunk man riding away the bike, wearing a police cap, giggling and laughing away, seemingly unaware that he has done anything wrong. He even shouted “Superstar Rajinikanth!” at one point.

At the end, the policeman manages to capture the TVS Apache 150 motorcycle holding from the back, even than he tries to ride away, but fails to create further drama.

On the above note a video was funny, but remember: Don’t drink and drive.

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