2017 Upgrade – BharathAutos.com with a new lease of life

Every once in a while, things need to be updated. Your vehicle, your smartphone, your hairstyle, your song collection. Things get outdated soon, no longer interesting or exciting – it’s just the way of our constantly fast changing world. Our website theme is no exception.


2017 Upgrade – BharathAutos.com with a new lease of life

If you’ve been a BharathAutos daily reader, I’m willing to bet you’ve notice the tremendous change in our website layout. Apart from a bright, cleaner and user friendly view at the blog posts, this release brings you the exact automobile brand you’re looking for with “CAR NEWS”, “BIKE NEWS” and “CV NEWS” buttons just on the home page to get immediate results.

Alongside we apologize to anyone who were redirected to an adult website (which displayed nude photographs or intimate scenes) on this website for past few weeks, due to hacking. With the 2017 upgrade, we have also updated the website that is supposed to protect BharathAutos.com from future hacks.

Promising you our best services,

– Mohammed Asrar

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