2016 TVS Victor – Detailed review and picture gallery

When one says TVS Victor, what comes to mind is the utilitarian and pleasant looking commuter motorcycle manufactured by TVS motors. This motorcycle is one which created a long lasting impression on consumers that TVS manufactures some really tough motorcycles.


The TVS Victor could go on and on when put through the worst of conditions. It had a brilliant, small single cylinder engine which had decent amounts of torque and was super efficient and could go without any maintenance for a long time.

The TVS Victor therefore was a good motorcycle, and when TVS announces that they would launch a new Victor, I couldn’t help but think to myself, that the new motorcycle has some big shoes to fill.


The first reaction to the new TVS Victor was, “Woah, that’s refreshing!” TVS had indeed done a brilliant job with the new Victor. TVS motors insists that the new Victor isn’t just a skin deep refresh job, but they have apparently done a lot of market research in order to make a motorcycle which has more than what the target customers require and the result is seen in the new Victor which has many first-in-class features.

The TVS Victor has been styled contemporarily but in a refreshing way. The new TVS Victor’s design language has some muscular bits and some sharp lines put together making it much like the new design language seen in the latest TVS motorcycles. The design is complemented by high quality paint jobs with bright colors on offer and also great looking graphics on the headlamp fairing, the fuel tank, the side panels and the rear panel.


One look at the instrument cluster and the switchgear, and it’s immediately obvious that TVS had kept quality and design as their top priority. The instrument cluster being an analog-digital unit is very refreshing to look at. It’s not very high tech, but does is job very well. The switches are of fairly decent quality and what’s weird is that the engine kill switch has been replaced by the Hazard lamp switch.

The biggest development for the new TVS Victor is the all new air cooled, 110cc, single cylinder engine. With a maximum power output of 9.46 BHP at 7,500 RPM and a maximum torque output of 9.4 NM at 6,000 RPM. This all new engine has been designed with a unique feature : an oil cooling jacket around the combustion chamber! Which makes the engine really smooth and it supposedly runs cooler which makes the overall drive ability better.


The engine sounds very refined at speeds between 55-70 kmph. The torque is just adequate for the commuter motorcycle segment and the motorcycle can putter around town all day without complaining and then can cruise at 70-80 kmph without breaking a sweat.

TVS has engineered the suspension on the new Victor to be soft and supple, keeping in mind the requirements of the target customers. In its everyday use, the TVS Victor would see bad roads and heavy traffic on a regular basis, and in rural areas farmland use is also possible, and TVS has done a brilliant job in setting up the suspension for these conditions.

Let’s be honest here, the Victor is not a motorcycle designed or meant to corner carving in, but when pressed to the task, one realizes that this bike isn’t a half as bad as the other motorcycles in its segment.


Braking duties are handled by a 240mm petal disc-up front and a 110mm drum at the rear end. This setup offers adequate Braking compared to other motorcycles in the segment.

The new TVS Victor is an immensely capable motorcycle for the price it is being sold at : Rs. 49,490 (ex-showroom, Delhi). It offers good looks, adequate power and torque and will manage to put a huge smile on your face especially when you look at the maintenance and fuel bills. Whether this is as tough as the old Victor is a story only time can tell, but what I can tell now is that, I can already see the competition shaking at the knees.

Bike Courtesy: Sai Radha TVS, Mangalore

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