2014 Honda Fit (Jazz) to hit the showrooms in Japan this-September

2014 Honda Fit/Jazz hatch

2014 Honda Fit/Jazz hatch

Honda Fit (Jazz) has been making a buzz from some time now,  just a few weeks backs we had shown so of the images of the hatch that were accidently leaked from a magazine. Now Honda has officially announced that the new Fit (Jazz) is scheduled to go on-sale in Japan this September. This announcement was made as an official statement released as Honda starts production at its Yorii plant, which will be the third plant in the Saitama factory (that means few units of the all-new Jazz have already started rolling-off the assembly line!!!…).

The company also announced the production of the Freed MPV at this new plant. The Yorii plant has a capacity of 250,000 units and is also claimed to be the world’s most energy efficient plants with efficient production system. As claimed by Honda the Yorii plant will be “producing the world’s eco-friendliest products at the world’s friendliest plant”. This could be indicating towards the Fit’s 36 kmpl fuel efficiency.

So, finally the most fuel efficient car has hit the production line, or maybe a few have already passed through. The next question to be answered, “When does the new Jazz come to India?” well Honda India plans to launch the car in India by early-2014 and most importantly with a diesel engine.


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