2014 Honda CBR300R is a CBR250R upgrade


2014 Honda CBR300R

Honda’s Super Sport CBR range made an entry into the Indian market through their CBR250R which was launched back in 2011. After the launch, CBR250R had not been updated till date. Honda’s engineers have now redesigned the existing CBR250R which has resulted in the upcoming 2014 Honda CBR300R.

Honda CBR300R features dual headlights, heavier balancer shaft and stronger engines frame mount in order to reduce the vibration at high speeds, CBR500R inspired muffler design, PGM-FI fuel injection system, colour-matched under cowl, steeply raked rear seat unit, slightly altered riding position, 37mm front telescopic and Pro-Link rear monoshock forks and light weight 2 channel ABS.

Coming to the technical specifications, Honda CBR300R would be equipped with Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve, DOHC 1-cylinder engine with displacement of 286cc producing a maximum power of 22.7 kW @ 8,500 RPM at a maximum torque of 27.0 Nm @ 7,250 RPM. Honda also provides some optional accessories such as Tail pack, tank pads, single seat cowl, carbon look front fender, carbon look drive chain, U-lock, immobilizer alarm and light alloy front fork bolts.
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