2012 Auto Expo – Hyundai unveils new Hexa Space MPV concept

Hyundai Hexa Space MPV concept

The Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai India wraps off the innovative Hexa Space MPV concept at the companies stall at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi. Debuting for the first time, the HND7 is an MPV which is shaped hexagonally to maximise the space inside. Though the Hexa is still in concept stage and production version is awaited.

The vehicle has a seating for eight-person seating, which uses two rows of three slightly staggered seats at the front, and a conventional two-seat bench at the rear. What this means is that the middle seat in the first two rows is located slightly behind the other two, allowing three-abreast seating without too much discomfort. It has been designed for urban customers in the 30-40 age group, the company said.

Hyundai says the hexagonal arrangement is the best way to get the maximum space out of a narrow cabin area, and as with most MPVs, the seats are able to fold completely flat and flip over in a number of configurations to aid comfort or storage space, as per the need. It also has sliding rear doors to aid ingress and egress to the back rows.

Hyundai Hexa Space MPV concept

The design language is very fresh and modern, and is in line with that seen on the Veloster concept. A V-shaped grille in black, peeled-back LED headlamps and a squarish nose mean that this car doesn’t have the monovolume stance of a conventional MPV. Also, the very pronounced wheel arches, deep nostril-esque fog light enclosures, and a cockpit-like cabin make it quite unique.

The rear is ‘pillarless’ and finished in smoked glass, and the boomerang tail-lights stand out too. While the design doesn’t have the fluidity of other recent Hyundai cars like the Verna and the new Elantra, the shape eventually grows on you.

This 4.3-metre car is built on a 2750mm wheelbase. Propulsion comes from an 1200cc turbocharged Kappa petrol motor and the concept also has the added ease of a six-speed automatic gearbox.


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