2011 Volvo Truck Range

2011 Volvo FH16 7002011 Volvo FH16 700

Volvo Trucks has revealed its ADR 80/03 (Euro 5) compliant line-up for 2011. The new models employ selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. The company claims that SCR offers the benefits of better fuel efficiency, cooler running, longer service intervals and increased horsepower and torque when compared to engines using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for emissions compliance.

2011 Volvo FH16 700 FH16 2011 Volvo FH16 700

FH16 700, the Volvo flagship product, produces 700 hp and 2323 lb ft of torque. The FH16 will also be available with a 600 hp, 2065 lb ft engine. All FH16 models offer increased AdBlue capacity that is said to enable up to 6500 km between refills.

2011 Volvo FH16 7002011 Volvo FH16 700

FH16 features an upgraded ‘D version’ of the company’s I-shift 12-speed automated transmission for optimum performance, fuel efficiency and driving convenience.

The new six-cylinder FH540 offers the space saving advantage of a raised muffler. This enables increased fuel and AdBlue capacities with Volvo claiming the FH540 can comfortably travel up to 3000 km without refuelling and up to 7000 km between AdBlue tank replenishments.

2011 Volvo FM Series2011 Volvo FM Series

Volvo’s FM series includes D13, 460 or 500 hp and D11 with 330 and 450 hp. Both models come in both sleeper or day cab variants. The FM series of trucks  include more effective headlights and the option of adaptive cruise control (ACC) which uses radar to maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front.