Bajaj to rollout a LCV soon


The Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) market will witness some serious competition next year as several new entrants are trying to establish their footprint in the market. Now it has been reported that two- and three-wheeler major Bajaj Auto will launch its first light commercial vehicle in the Indian market next year.

The reports have quoted the company’s chairman Rahul Bajaj as saying “We will launch such an vehicle by next year. This would be a Bajaj vehicle, which would be developed and marketed by the company. It’s evolutionary for a two-wheeler manufacturer to go in for entry level vehicle. We have expertise and experience to do so.” It was also reported that the company did not divulge any marketing or price strategy for the vehicle. Bajaj further said that the company’s other pet project — developing an entry level passenger car with French automobile major Renault — was on track. “It would be an entry level vehicle and would be on the same platform as the commercial vehicle,” he said, adding that the car will be branded and marketed by Renault. Bajaj said that the car will not enter into any price war with existing low-cost cars. “There won’t be any pricing competition, as products do exist in this segment. But the quality and uniqueness of the car would be enough. It’s our expertise, Renault’s technology,” he added, according to the reports which also stated that the car too is expected to be launched by next year.

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