10 Yamaha Concept motorbikes that never entered production stage

10-yamaha-concepts-that-didnt-make-into-production10 Yamaha Concept motorbikes that never entered production stage

Yamaha is known for innovation and creative idea. The world renowned automaker has introduced many concept motorcycle to the world. But for one reason or the other, these bikes could not reach the production phase. Here is a look at the ten Yamaha Concept motorbikes that failed to enter the production stage:

1.  Yamaha Morpho (1989)

Yamaha Morpho

The Morpho was a 400cc motorbike that came with a range of equipment that would have left everyone spellbound. It flaunted adjustable footpegs, seat and handlebars.

2.  Yamaha Morpho 2 (1991)

Yamaha Morpho 2

Yamaha’s Morpho 2 was powered by 1000cc engine and possessed a unique feature that could sense the position of the rider and then acclimatize the vehicle as per the mood of the rider. It had two wheel steering system and active suspension feature.

3.  Yamaha Chivicker (2003)

Yamaha Chivicker

The BMX inspired four stroke 50cc tiny bike that had a very chic look. It was the inspiration behind 125cc Tricker motorcycle.

4.  Yamaha Gen-Ryu (2005)

Yamaha Gen-Ryu

The Gen-Ryu was powered by four cylinder 600cc engine with an electric motor. It broke the stereotypical image of how a bike should look.

5.  Yamaha Maxam 3000 (2005)

Yamaha Maxam 3000

Maxam 3000 was a 3-meter long bike that was visually stunning and attractive.

6.  Yamaha Deinonychus (2005)

Yamaha Deinonychus

Yamaha Deinonychus was an electric motorbike with two wheel drive feature. Its frame could be changed from a stretched chopper to a compact sports bike.

7.  Yamaha Tesseract (2007)

Yamaha Tesseract

The Tesseract was a bike with four wheels. This mean machine had a system that permitted the bike to lean on the corners.

8.  Yamaha XS-V1 Sakura (2007)

Yamaha XS-V1 Sakura

The Sakura concept was a café racer with great looks and design.

9.  Yamaha HV-X (2009)

Yamaha HV-X

HV-X was one of the first two wheelers closest to hybrid technology. The idea to manufacture it was cancelled because of limited response from the customers.

10.  Yamaha Y125 Moegi (2011)

Yamaha Y125 Moegi

The Moegi was a 125cc exquisite motorbike with a simple yet classic design. It was a lightweight with heritage looks.

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