10 car features now available in Indian two-wheelers

The two wheeler segment in the automotive market of the country is surely thriving. To keep up with the competition, many automakers have added interesting features in their products. A lot of technology is now being incorporated to give riders a new and unique experience. Here is a list of 10 car features that are now available in two-wheelers sold in Indian market:

1.  Hydraulic Disc Brakes:


To make brake system sharper and sure footed, the hydraulic disc brakes have been introduced in the two wheelers.

2.  Electronic Fuel Injection:


To bring down emissions and enhance the fuel efficiency as well as to shift from the old carburetors, automakers have started to incorporated electronic fuel injection system.

3.  Self-canceling Turn Indicators:


This technology is limited to the range of Pulsar bikes sold by Bajaj in India. It adds to the convenience of the rider.

4.  Anti-Lock Braking System:


Though it is not a critical safety feature, the ABS is likely to become a common feature in coming times.

5.  Engine Immobilizer:


This feature has been added to counter thieves from hot wiring and riding away with your bike.

6.  Follow-me-home Headlamps:


This is more of a “feel good” feature added by two wheeler makers to add the essence of premium-ness to their products in comparison to other bikes.

7.  Distance to Empty Function and Low Fuel Warning:


These features have been added to the digital instrument console of a bike to provide the rider with related essential information.

8.  Start-Stop Technology:


This feature has been added to help save fuel consumption and bring down emission by cutting off engine power when the bike is standing idle on a red light, for instance.

9.  Anti-theft Alarm:


This is another anti-theft feature that raises alarm on detection of an unauthorized person trying to start the bike.

10.  Liquid cooled engines with DOHC-4 Valve engine heads:


This feature has been added to make bikes a high performance vehicle for bike enthusiasts.


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