ZARS presents modified Bajaj Pulsar 200

bajaj-pulsar-200-modified-zars-design-frontZARS modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 – FrontView

Today’s youth is obsessed with sports bikes and street bikes. They are not so attracted by the Bobbers or retro styles café racers. Though these kinds of bikes have been gaining a little more recognition and popularity thanks to the Royal Enfield Continental GT, a large segment of the buying population still keep their focus on stress or sports bike.

To bring something completely new, Mumbai’s ZARS Customs & Designs have modified a Bajaj Pulsar 200. The company has been into remodeling various street likes, such as Suzuki Slingshot and Bajaj Pulsar. They also modify scooters. The owner of the company, Zunbir Sharif, stated how challenging it is to modify and introduce design changes in bikes with smaller cc engines as they have smaller length, lesser weight and lesser power.

Zunbir Sharif started that certain events in his life during his childhood years, evoked a passion for designing. He first started with editing the images of the Bajaj Pulsar 200 on his mobile phone with a software’s help (sketchbook pro). Once he received good reviews from family and friends regarding the edited version, he initiated the practical work.

bajaj-pulsar-200-modified-zars-design-rearZARS modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 – RearView

He chose Pulsar 200 because of a variety of reasons that include that the bike has higher power and more scope for bringing changes in the original design. This first project consumed three months. At that time, Sharif has no experience of the field of bike modification/ remodeling/ redesigning. The entire assignment cost him nearly Rs. 70,000, including the expenditure on remodeling, rent and other expenses.

The modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 by ZARS comes with a stock tank and chassis. But it does not have stock new front mudguard, new headlamps with new body panels, read mono shock, free flow exhaust, floating type seat, new design allow wheels, new design rear view mirrors and WP suspension.

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