Your Duke, your identity


Your Duke, your identity.

Every bike manufacturers tries to make its bike different from every other bike in the market, but eventually it’s a production bike and the end result is thousands of similar looking bike, and if the design is too good, they become a trend and that increases the probability of you seeing your bike almost everywhere, which make you happy, cause you made the right decision, but at the same time you lose the uniqueness of your ride.

For some people putting up stickers or some graphics is enough and it does help your bike stand apart in the crowd, but it still is just a cosmetic change, but for some that’s not enough. So if you are a KTM Duke owner and have always wanted your bike to stand apart in the crowd, here’s a list of aftermarket mods that can cannot only differentiate your bike from others by the looks of it, but also can perform better than others;

1.  KTM Duke 200 Ixil X55 Slashed Cone Xtrem –
This exhaust is made so well, that looks as if its company fitted, but it’s when the engine is fired, you can hear the difference. It is available with PlanetDSG and comes with a price tag of Rs. 18,499.
There is another exhaust from Ixil called the Hyperlow, but it’s not confirmed if its available in India, but incase if you need to find out, you can enquire at PlanetDSG.
2.  GPR DEEPTONE exhausts for DUKE 200 –
By the looks of it, it looks just a simple pipe, but when you hear it roar, you can be sure it’s a head turner. You can own this from Torqued apparel and accessories from their facebook page at a price of Rs. 17,999.
3.  KTM Duke 200 Akrapovik exhaust –

Akrapovik is already a vendor for KTM that supplies exhausts for the KTM racing team. This exhaust is not yet readily available in India but you can have one imported by KTM dealer or you may get if from as they are the dealers for Akrapovik in India. This exhaust can cost upto Rs. 30,000.
4.  LEO Vince exhausts for the KTM DUKE 200 –
These are probably the most expensive exhaust, and unlike others these are slip-ons which means you may not get a significant difference in the performance, but the good part is that they sound really good. These are available at Bachoo Motor & Cycle Company in Mumbai in three variant the cheapest one being the carbon fibre one. They are priced in the range of Rs. 28000 – Rs. 35000.
5.  K&N Air Filter KT-1211 for KTM Duke 200 –
A good exhaust can perform as expected only when the intake system is able to support it. And K&N has just the perfect air intake system to help the exhaust perform its best. This is available with PlanetDSG and if you like shopping online you get it from Sniper on eBay at a price of Rs. 3990.
6.  Victory Racing levers for KTM Duke 200 –
These are long racing levers in golden color, this might be helpful in grabbing attention when the engines not running. Available on eBay at a price of Rs. 2599.
7.  R&G Racing Tail tidy kit –
This for those who don’t really like the long tail, and would prefer having a small one rather than nothing at all, this kit comprises of a small fender which give the bike a different look when you are surrounded by other Dukes, typically at a Orange day. This kit available with Performance Racing.
8.  Angel eye and HID kit for the Duke 200 –
So your bike sounds great looks cool, this headlamp kit is takes care of the beauty of the bike during the long rides at nights. Equipped with a 6000k colour temperature HID, this adds the glamour to the bike. You can buy this kit from Chennai based, Bala Kesavan Sundar by contacting him on his mobile number 9790861416.
9.  Rim paint –
This may sound unique, but that’s exactly what we are talking about. If you have a good imagination and dare to experiment it’s not a bad idea.
10.  Stunt kit/ Crash protectors –
With a race bike in hand it’s obvious you may also try doing stunts with your bike, and you may crash your bike couple of times before you master the stunt. Here are some crash protectors to lower the impact of damages to your bike. These are available at Bachoo Motor & Cycle Company in Mumbai and are priced around Rs. 5300 to Rs. 8100.
Apart from these aftermarket mods, KTM riders can also choose some really great riding gear from KTM’s official Website.
(Note – The item listed here is not tested by BharathAutos Team and we are not responsible for any cause, the information shared here is just to enhance your knowledge on aftermarket accessories available for KTM 200 Duke on market.)


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This article is referred from, written by Rahul Mazumder.