Yamaha R25 spotted dismantled at an accessories dealer in Delhi; causes more confusion for Yamaha fans

There are many people in the Indian market looking for an entry level performance motorcycle and are probably waiting for something from Yamaha too, but Yamaha is causing confusion in the minds of the consumers, as there is no firm word from Yamaha about its entry level performance motorcycle. Yamaha India will be launching a performance motorcycle in India for sure, but which one is the question now.  There have been enough rumors as to which motorcycle Yamaha will launch in India, the YZF-R3 or the YZF-R25.


The Yamaha YZF-R25 was launched a little over a year ago in a few Asian countries while being produced in Indonesia and many motorcycling enthusiasts in the country were waiting eagerly for the R25 to be launched in India too, but Yamaha were tight lipped about the bike making it to our shores, and they have remained tight lipped till now.

In January this year, import data revealed that Yamaha India had imported 2 units of the YZF-R3 into the country for R&D purposes and this got the rumor mills gong again, but after a few months, in April, import data gave us information that Yamaha India had imported 1 unit of a 250cc motorcycle from Indonesia and the R25 was being produced in Indonesia alone, leading everyone to believe that the motorcycle which was imported was the R25 indeed.


Everyone was confused, but the rumors about the R3 being launched in India became stronger this month, when the R3 was spotted testing on Indian roads, with India specific additions like a saree guard. Now, this made everyone believe that the YZF-R3 is the one for the Indian market and everyone believed that the R25 would not be seen on Indian shores again.

But now there is more confusion than ever and the R25 is back in business, as the R25 has been spotted again. At one of the motorcycle accessories dealer located in Delhi, a red colored Yamaha YZF-R25 was spotted in a dismantled state. Again, import data came to our recue, as said earlier Yamaha India had imported one unit of a 250cc motorcycle and this red R25 is probably the motorcycle which was recorded in the data. It set Yamaha India back by INR 2.16 lakhs.


The R25 was imported from Indonesia and flown directly to Delhi, where it has been spotted with the engine fairing and the rear wheel taken off. The purpose of the engine fairing being taken off is unknown and could be anything from a small repair to a R&D process, but since it was spotted at a motorcycle accessories dealership, we believe it might be to take measurements or conduct R&D for aftermarket parts.

Yet another point worthy of being noted is that the R25 was shod with MRF Zapper FY series tires which was the tire used on the previous gen YZF-R15, and the only persons who would probably have access to those tires right now are those persons working at Yamaha India.


Now this is all slowly becoming really confusing for the people awaiting a decent entry level performance motorcycle from Yamaha, but we can all breathe peacefully, now knowing that Yamaha will definitely be launching one of the two entry level performance motorcycles in India, but which one? Only time can answer that question.

Which of these two motorcycles do you think Yamaha should launch in India? And Why? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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