Want to own a car without paying EMI, Just paste ads on your car


Dreamers Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd has recently announced an interesting scheme for Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. The consumers in the Indian market, who wants to own a car, without preferring on how the exterior of the car looks, can grab this exciting offer from Dreamers Media. The car would look exactly as the radio taxis with ads on them which help the taxi companies in order to obtain high profits.

Dreamers Media are targeting on the people whose annual income is less than 10 lakhs INR.  Here are the details of this exciting offer whose dreams of buying a car would turn into reality. A consumer initially must select a car which he/she wishes to buy within 6 lakhs INR. The car which would be preferred by them will be bought through Dreamers who will pay the EMI of the first 3 years on the vehicle out of the total 5 year loan. Apart from the first 3 year (36 months) EMI paid by Dreamers Media, the buyer will have to pay 25 % down payment and the remaining EMI for 2 years on the vehicle.

Some of the limitations to be followed by the car owner who has purchased a car through Dreamers would be as follows:

1)      The company would cover 40-60% of the car with advertisements (stickers used on the vehicle will be Vinyl printed using eco solvent inks) which should not be tampered.

2)      The car should be kept clean.

3)      VTS (a device installed in the car which tracks how many kms the cars has been driven) shouldn’t be tampered as well.

4)      The car should be driven at least 1500 kms per month.

Mr. Sunis Mohamed, CEO, Dreamers Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd said that, “With our unique offering we intend to create demand and give a boost to the auto industry which is currently going through a lull phase. It will allow a common man to translate his aspiration of buying a car into reality. At the same time, the concept will also enable brands to reach in the most interactive manner to a wider target audience and create a new communication medium in the OOH space which still is at a very nascent stage and is poised for growth. We have invested a lot of time and effort in setting up strong back-end support processes like a 24 x 7 call center to ensure pipeline maintenance, handle customer complaints and business partners, an in-house design team for making creative’s and field staff to ensure cars are clean, stickers are intact and VTS is working”.  For further information on this scheme, you can contact them at [email protected].

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