Volkswagen discontinues Jetta and Beetle from India line-up

News has come that Volkswagen have pulled the plug on the Jetta and Beetle in India. The German Automaker discontinues them due to poor sales. Both these models are now no longer listed on the website of the company.


Last-gen VW Jetta that was on-sale in India.

The Jetta, launched more than a decade ago here, signalled VW’s entry to India. VW has brought many facelifts of the car, as well as bringing the next generation ones, but these simply did not help VW. Now, looking at the stagnant sales of the premium sedan segment, this might have been a factor that has contributed.

Despite getting good reviews, the Jetta has not accounted for much sales. Now, with Volkswagen readying the next generation car, it is unlikely that the it will be launched here. The Beetle, has seen its sales being put on hold here for a while.


Last-gen VW Beetle that was on-sale in India.

Often called the ‘Bug Car’, the Beetle has not had a good time in India at both its spells. Volkswagen’s change in strategy for affordable vehicles has not helped its cause. Both these models were developed on Volkswagen’s much-hyped MQB platform.

It remains to be seen whether VW will be willing to bring them back in the near future. As of now, Volkswagen, like many other automakers in India, are concentrating on developing all-electric vehicles here. Hopefully, the Jetta and the Beetle make a return since both have a good connection with the Indian public, barring their sales numbers.

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