Yamaha rumored to produce a 300cc motorcycle christened ‘R3’

It is now a well known fact that Yamaha is working on a 250cc sports bike named the YZF-R25, especially keeping developing markets in mind. The concept version was revealed a few weeks ago, and it is expected to be launched in the Indonesian market by the end of the year and just after, in the other countries including India. But now, rumour in the grapevine suggests that Yamaha will soon start working on a 300cc motorcycle too.

International motoring website Asphalt and Rubber has said in a report that, Yamaha has filed for trademarks for the YZF-R3 and R3 names in both, the European Union and also the United States. At first, one might think that it might be for the 3-cylinder Yamaha prototype that was revealed back in 2012, but when more thought is put into it, one would find that, according to traditional Yamaha nomenclature, R3 will be a name used for a 300cc motorcycle. When further thought is put into it, everything seems clear.

new_Yamaha_R3_300cc_sportsbike_indiaYamaha YZF-R3 (speculated rendering)

Kawasaki has been selling the Ninja 250 and 300R together for quite some time in some Asian markets and is one of Yamaha’s main competitors, and Honda too has the CBR 300R. So, the R3 might be a motorcycle made to fend off the competition. It makes sense too, because with the R25, Yamaha already has the new tubular frame which can also be used for a 300cc motorcycle and then the engine too can be converted to 300cc easily by boring out just 25cc in each cylinder, but of course, Yamaha will do it with perfection and along with the boring out, they will make substantial changes to the tuning and injection system too.

In the cosmetic department too, there would be minimal changes from the 250cc motorcycle and also the concept Motorcycle, and Yamaha might also go for a wider section rear tire on the R3 and make suitable changes to the swing arm too. Knowing Yamaha, we can safely say that, this 300cc bike too will be a great handling motorcycle and a very serious track oriented motorcycle. It will have all the makings of a race bike, including a high-revving, 300cc, parallel-twin engine with an approximate power output of around 40 PS and also a 6-speed gearbox.

What remains to be seen is, if Yamaha will launch the motorcycle in India, and if they do, at what price will they launch it!


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Yamaha YZF-R25′s more details and rendered picture emerged


Image Credit Link Nong