Yamaha India to launch scooters in 2012

Yamaha scooter

BA readers know Yamaha, the Japan based two-wheeler maker plans to introduce scooters in India in 2012.Yamaha scooters will be a major competitor for Honda scooters which currently rules the Indian domestic market. Currently, Yamaha is doing the necessary research on what scooters to bring into India from its huge scooter range. The scooters of Yamaha will be made at Yamaha’s facilities in Surajpur and Faridabad and is expected in the price range of Rs.50,000 to Rs.80,000.

Expect the scooters to be just as stylish and upmarket as their motorcycles sold in the country, however, which also means that the products will also demand certain premium over its rivals. The made-for-India Yamaha scooter has been developed in Japan, similar to the first generation YZF-R15. The company has plans to invest about Rs. 10 crore in setting up a dedicated assembly line for its new scooter models.


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