On its way to delivery, a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG falls off the ship

What will be your reaction if you come to hear that a super gorgeous and mesmerizing Mercedes Benz SLS AMG simply fall off the ship on its way to be delivered? Well, it will definitely leave you astound and surely the poor car will not be able to survive such an accident. Though it is quite common that a cargo falls off a transporter ship during delivery however, this time the marine life must have been so lucky to check out this dashing car up-close and personal. This incident was reported to have occurred in the year 2013. However, the Argentinians have published this story and the picture only recently.

wrecked-mercedes-benz-sls-amg-exterior-viewWrecked Mercedes Benz SLS AMG – ExteriorView

A man in Argentina ordered a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and paid about three-fourth of a million dollars to get this stunning vehicle. He was waiting for his purchased to be delivered. But when his dream car arrived, it was nothing less than a nightmare. The car was very messy. He was informed that the three containers, one of which housed his Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, fell from the transporter into the wide ocean during shipment.

wrecked-mercedes-benz-sls-amg-interior-viewWrecked Mercedes Benz SLS AMG – InteriorView

It has been reported that the container was retrieved after five days and later it was hung out to dry in the sun for another five days. However, the ocean water has done its damage to the interiors of the car as well as its electric components. Thus, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG involved has been declared as a complete loss by the insurance company. Thus, the car has now been transported back to Germany. We have no information on what the German automaker has to say about the incident as they have not released any official statement. But hopefully the fishes had a great time ogling at the dazzling Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

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