Volvo-KSRTC introduces multi-facility bus with pantry and toilet

Volvo 7400XL - Airavat Bliss

Last-month we reported that Asia’s first 14.5-metre-long multi-axle low floor city bus Volvo 7400XL is on the trail-run in Bangalore. Now Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has introduced new services in the Volvo multi-axle buses to make long-distance travelling a world-class experience for its passengers, particularly for elderly and those with kids, which features a chemical toilets, in-built pantry, live TV and Wi-Fi facility.

Currently, six Volvo multi-axle buses with chemical toilets and the two of them feature additional in-house pantry services. The buses with pantry and toilet facilities are called ‘Airavat Bliss’ and buses with only toilets are called ‘Airavat Superia’. Initially, four of the buses will operate on the Bangalore-Chennai route and two will be pressed into service between Bangalore-Tirupati.

Features of Airavat Bliss a multi-facility bus –

  • Chemical Toilet – You do not have to worry whether the conductor will oblige you by stopping the bus if you need to go to the toilet.
  • Pantry – Passengers have to pay an additional price of Rs 125** for the food service and the menu includes pongal, bonda, chicken kabab, samosa, sandwich, fruit salad, fruit juices, coffee, tea etc. Passengers are allowed to use the oven in the pantry to heat the food items. Passengers can also choose the preferred food item from the menu available at counters or online while booking the tickets.
  • Live TV - Live television sets fixed behind the each seat, along with ear phones and remote control facility.
  • Wi-Fi facility – For the first two months, Wi-Fi facility will be provided free. Later, it will be charged where the passengers can pay Rs. 15** and get a scratch card from the conductor to use the facility throughout the journey.
  • Track the Vehicle – Well-wishers of passengers can even track the bus in a service called ‘Track the Vehicle’, wherein anybody can login to the KSRTC website and check the location of any bus on the move. As a part of this service to track the bus, people can also send an SMS to 9243755920. For this, they have to type: ‘Where are you?’ along with the PNR number mentioned in the ticket.

Volvo 7400XL - Airavat Bliss & Airavat Superia
KSRTC officials said that the toilets will be cleaned by maintenance staff of KSRTC and the food provided will be outsourced to a private vendor. Later we will outsource the entire pantry service to the vendor, depending on the demand. Also, they added saying we have tied-up with Integration Consultancy Services and Airtel TV for the live TV facility.

(NOTE – **The  prices are constantly updated and hence may differ from figures shown.)

What we say? Now since all these facilities are introduced, the driver will not be obligated to stop at restaurants en route, this mean that they’ll reach their destinations faster. Meanwhile, the buses with pantry and toilet facilities called ‘Airavat Bliss’, the word Bliss here suggests the perfect happiness and great joy.


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Volvo 7400XL (Airavat Bliss) - 005     Volvo 7400XL (Airavat Bliss) - 006     Volvo 7400XL (Airavat Bliss) - 007     Volvo 7400XL (Airavat Bliss) - 008


Image Credit – SkyscraperCity & Team-BHP