Volkswagen to create new budget brand, which will take care of manufacturing low-cost cars

Volkswagen is the largest car manufacturer in the world, when measured in terms of the number of brands owned by the German car company. It owns a diverse range of popular companies and if we calculate the number of brands owned by Volkswagen, including the brands owned by the company which in turn is owned by Volkswagen, we find that, the most influential automobile brands in the world also come under the Volkswagen name plate.


Some of the brands owned by Volkswagen directly or indirectly are, Ducati, Audi, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and Scania. All of these brands are at the top of the automobile world and command respect from everybody, and Volkswagen has more reason to rejoice, since it owns all these brands. But the only problem is that, all the brands mentioned above are all producers of either luxury cars or high performance cars, but Volkswagen has now learnt that all these luxury brands cannot give them the kind of profits that the low cost, high volume practical cars can.

And so, Volkswagen is now considering a completely new brand which will take care of the lower end of the market, Volkswagen is planning to create a completely new budget brand which will manufacture low cost cars for them and Volkswagen is taking the example of Dacia and Renault, where the former manufactures low cost versions of the latter’s cars. Volkswagen’s head of development, Heniz Jakob Neusser in an interview recently said that Volkswagen is currently working on the cost part of the project and if it is feasible, they will continue with the plan.

Volkswagen is targeting first time car purchasers with this brand and this brand will be made available to all the developing and upcoming markets.


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