Video – 2012 Toyota Camry Teasers

2012 Toyota Camry

Camry is America’s best selling sedan and with this new model that has tail lamps inspired from the Accord and boomerang fog lamps is fighting to regain full customer confidence. In India, the new Camry is expected in mid-2012 and will continue operating through the CBU route.

United States of America which is one of the biggest markets for the car will get the new Camry first.

The seventh generation of the Toyota Camry will be launched this fall and will all new car with more features. Ahead of its formal launch Akio Toyoda has shown a glimpse of the actual car in a teaser video released by the automaker.

The 2012 Toyota Camry has been teased by President Akio Toyoda, about how important the Camry is to Toyota. In a statement, which also acted as a teaser for the upcoming model replacement, Mr Toyoda said ‘The new Camry is the best Camry ever and will exceed the expectations of the customers by a huge margin in terms of technology, safety and fuel efficiency’.

Apart from Mr. Toyoda introducing us officially to the headlights of the car, there is another video uploaded on July 1st and it looks like a preview of a new Camry to a large gathering (American Toyota dealers?). The video is taken at a good distance from the stage where three new Camry’s roll in (2 petrol and a hybrid variant).

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