UM motorcycle brand makes Indian debut at 2014 Auto Expo next-month

With many new launches every year, the Indian automobile industry is growing larger and larger with every passing year. Manufacturers all over the world have realised that, if they want to grow, they must have their presence in the Indian market and hence all the manufacturers from across the world are making a beeline to enter the Indian market. The list of manufacturers who have expressed their interest to enter the Indian market is very lengthy and adding to the length is an American two-wheeler manufacturer, United Motors.

um-motorcycles-india-range-2014-indian-auto-expoUM Motorycles product range worldwide

United Motors is mainly manufacturing sports bikes, cruisers, scooters and dual-purpose bikes, all under the quarter liter segment. UM is the geek of the bike world, because all of their motorcycles come fully loaded with technology and they have several patents to their name for doing so many firsts on a motorcycle. One of them is the Communication Awareness System Helmet (CASH) which is a type of helmet, which one can say is from the space age. The helmet comes with built-in turn indicators and brake lights that receive a signal from the bike via Bluetooth and lights up whenever the lights on the bike light up. This Bluetooth technology also allows the rider to answer calls through a button located on the handlebar, LED 360 on the helmet increases visibility so that the rider is visible at night even in low-lighting conditions to prevent accidents and these LED Logos increase the visual appeal of the bike.

UM motorcycles also come with a technology named, System of Auto Maintenance (SAM) which lets the rider know if the bike is due for a service and also tells the rider the rider about different riding modes.  The motorcycles also feature a USB charging point and a GPS device. UM also uses a Blind spot mirror, which is a small circular mirror, integrated into the outer edge of the original mirror which eliminates blind spots, if any.

um-motorcycles-patent-innovations-technologyUM Motorycles patents and innovations

Another amazing feature on UM motorcycles is the Keyless alarm system, which recognises the rider within a distance of 1.2 metres and turns on the power in the bike and can be started without the keys. Once the rider goes away from the 1.2 metre radius, the motorcycle immediately detects it and turns the ignition off. The keyless alarm system can also be turned off whenever the rider wants to. UM motorcycles also come with an anti-flat sealant which prevents punctures and damage to the rims.

UM two-wheelers are all single cylinder motorcycles, but with varying displacement, in the range of 100-250cc. Some popular models are, Razor and Falcon (125cc and 150cc), Renegade Sport (140cc, 180cc and 200cc), 150cc Matrix, etc. We know that Indians love the motorcycles which fall under this segment, but going by the pictures of UM motorcycles, we are not so sure that the styling will be to the tastes of most Indians. But India has a large number of tech freaks and, everyone just loves anything that makes life easier and so, we think that UM might find a large number of buyers in India for their motorcycles, only if they price it right.


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