Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Oshiro readies Indian foray

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Oshiro readies Indian foray

India is ranked amongst the top three countries with the most two-wheeler population. The main reason of being so popular is the fuel economy and the ease of travelling through the heavy traffic on the roads. The popularity has been attracting a lot of two wheeler manufactures like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, and has also encouraged the manufactures Bajaj and TVS to come up with innovative and attractive two-wheelers.

The latest to join the race would be Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Oshiro. The company plans to enter the Indian market in the two of the most in-demand segments, the motorcycle and the scooter. Oshiro will launch its motorcycle in the engine range of 100cc to 150cc and the scooter in the range of 125cc-150cc initially. Also they hope to foray into Indian market with their motorcycles and scooters as early as Aug-2013.

To keep the prices competitive to the most popular two-wheeler Oshiro will manufacture its two-wheeler locally at a plan being built up at Satara, Maharashtra which is in the last stages of its construction and will be completed by Aug-2013. The success of any automobile relies on the after sales support, thus,  to tackle that Oshiro has already started building its dealer network in the metro cities.

Being from Japan there are most chances of Oshiro being directly compared with Honda, let’s hope its successful in winning the hearts and trust of its buyers.


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