Two MM 540 Jeeps broken down to create a 6×6

An automobile enthusiast, Julian, recently broke down 2 MM 540 Jeeps to create a stunning vehicle specially designed for treacherous terrain. Julian has created an elongated and broader jeep that has 6 wheels! He has christened this vehicle Yellow Fox. Julian was recently in news before for launching a multi-bike club. During these club rides, he used to take this keep for recovery work and he eventually decided to turn it into this jeep project.

mahindra-stretched-mm-540-6x6-jeep-yellowTwo MM 540 Jeeps broken down to create a 6×6

Julian wanted his recovery vehicle to be radical and out of the box. So he took two MM 540 jeeps, one was in pretty good shape amounting to INR 1.75 Lacs while the other one was in a rundown condition and required him to shell IR 40,000. It took him 11 months to create a never seen before jeep. He has managed this machine at the cost of INR 3.25 Lacs. It was indeed quite an ambitious project.

At first, he created a new chassis that could support the great number of innovations the project would require. The grille features double the number of slats in the original MM 540. Some major modifications have been made under the bonnet. A Bolero engine has been incorporated to ensure smoother driver with less noise. The vehicle feature power steering. The jeep has Endeavor tyres fitted in it. The six tyres of the vehicle stand outside the line of the body, giving it more stability. The jeep comes with four wheel drive. To add protection while riding on treacherous terrain, a roll cage has also been installed.

mahindra-stretched-mm-540-6x6-jeep-tamilnaduTwo MM 540 Jeeps broken down to create a 6×6

Julian is planning to take his Yellow Fox from Kanyakumari to Goa. The only thing worrying him is the deep pockets of water that are created where waterways, natural or man-made, meet the sea. However, he believes that once he becomes confident about tackling those stretches, it will be an adventure.

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Image CreditTeam-BHP