TVS Motors dropped teaser image of all-new 2013 TVS Apace RTR

All-new 2013 TVS Apace RTR - Teaser image

All-new 2013 TVS Apace RTR – Teaser image

We have been constantly reporting every single detail about the upcoming all-new 2013 TVS Apace RTR. Today morning they broke silence with what seemed to be a legitimate announcement of a new/upgraded bike on the lines of the current Apache RTR series. The company has dropped a teaser image of all-new Apace RTR on the TVS Apache Facebook page with a screaming teaser ‘THE DAY OF THE DARK KNIGHT’.

We are the first to be reporting about the 2013 Apace RTR, soon expect hell to break-out and within a matter of minutes the world wide web to get filled with speculations and discussions which run over for pages on forums. It was the 2012 upgrade in which the TVS design team thought out-of-the-box, and unleashed a new version of the Beast. But things didn’t work out as TVS had calculated.

Most of the Apache Fans cried foul over the issue, and quite a few demanded a rollback to the previous upgrade. Now just a year after the previous facelift, TVS Motors dropped a teaser image of a new split grab rail that has been so-far not seen in any of the RTR’s on-sale and also seen is a cool new graphics. However, the exhaust, clear lens indicators and dual colored tail light are the same.

We are pretty sure that the changes are limited to cosmetic and the Apache RTR’s will be available in the same set of features as before. But this refresh is speculated exclusively for the 180cc variant, with a slight tune in the engine. The current RTR 180 is capable of producing 17PS of power, whereas, the power of new variant is expected to go as high as 19.5 PS.

However, we don’t have any official confirmation on the same and also there are no much info about the updated RTR160. Also it is unclear at the moment that if the RTR 180 with 17PS would still be on-sale side alongside new version of RTR 180 or would be phased out. The Apache RTR is one of my favorite bikes to be owned in India and also its popular among youths.


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Source – TVS Apache (on Facebook)