TVS working on X16 (160cc), X18 (180cc), X21 (210cc) Apache-model

TVS Apache which was introduced in 2007 was a boom to the Indian two wheeler market, after which there was a high sales rise for the company which the other models from TVS had earlier failed to do so. As already read by our dear readers in our previous posts at BharathAutos, In April 2013 bigger and sportier version of the current TVS Apache 180 was spotted at the VRDE (Vehicle Research and Development Establishment) facility in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

next-generation-tvs-apache-2015-modelSpeculated-rendering of TVS Apache New Series.

With the updated Apache Series being awaited by Apache lovers, new reports also suggest that the TVS is currently developing three variants inspired from the Draken concept which are codenamed as X16 (160cc), X18 (180cc) and X21 (210cc).

The upcoming variant of Apache codenamed as X21 features aluminium engine, Michelin soft compound tyres with a 140-section rear tyre, mobile charging point, split seats, ABS will be offered as standard, lighter chassis and swing arm. It would be powered with a 210cc, single-cylinder motor coupled to a 6-speed transmission producing a maximum power of more than 30PS. The X21 is expected to be priced at INR 1.5 lakhs.

Coming to the other two upcoming variants codenamed as X16 and X18, these bikes would feature light weight swing arm, Michelin soft compound tyres for x18, combi brake system, reduction in power and output when compared to the current output.

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