India is one of the fastest growing automobile markets in the world and the Automobile industry here is teeming with activity right now, as manufacturers prepare for new launches over the upcoming months. Many manufacturers have been hard at work designing and engineering products for launch and it is not just the designers and engineers hard at work, but even the marketing team. The marketing team handles one of the most important jobs and makes sure that the product gets enough publicity both before and after the launch.

2015-tvs-apache-facelift-teaser-picture-features-designFake TVS Apache teaser surfaced online last-month

The marketing teams of most manufacturers get this right almost all the time with teasers being released just before the launch of a product but sometimes, the marketing team themselves get the shock of their life when they come across a teaser of their product, which was not released by them. This is exactly what happened recently, to the marketing team at TVS motors.

A teaser Image of the next-gen TVS Apache surfaced on the internet few weeks ago, and started getting the attention of TVS Apache fans and also of those eagerly awaiting the launch of the next-gen Apache. But unfortunately, it has been confirmed by one of the top TVS officials that the teaser is a fake one and is nothing but a clever editing job.

The fake teaser claimed that the next-gen Apache would have features like integrated racing speedometer console, Michelin dual compound tires, parking indicator, mobile charger, Astra gold sprocket, side stand indicator, under seat mobile charger, liquid cooled engine, horizontal gas canister monoshock rear suspension, and intelligent ABS sensors etc. The features list was pretty awesome, but as it turned out, it was fake news and heartbreak for those who have eagerly been waiting for the next-gen Apache.

next-gen-2015-tvs-apache-teaser-image-features-designOriginal TVS Apache teaser released in 2012

The teaser was actually based on another teaser released by TVS to promote the current-gen Apache and its LED daytime running lights, before it was launched way back in 2012, and after some professional editing work, out came the fake teaser that began spreading rumors about the next-gen Apache’s features. The rumors about the specifications were wrong, but it is true that TVS will be launching a new Apache very soon.

Though this proved to be good publicity for TVS Motors, the information spread by it was wrong, and now TVS motors really need to think about actually providing similar features on the new Apache as what was mentioned in the teaser and not lesser than that, as the general public and potential customers now have some great expectations from TVS.

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  • Raghu B R

    This was pretty old news, why are you posting this again?

  • bharathautos

    Not old news, just last-month this fake picture emerged. Still in some forums, website/blogs and social networking sites its circulating. Thus, to let the TVS Apache fans know the reality, we posted it!