Here’s the truth behind the dual-tone Suzuki Gixxer

Aas of late you probably would have seen pictures of Suzuki Gixxer bike with double tone paint work. It was believed that Suzuki would come up with the official launch of the same but as it turns out, the dual-tone colour option is not really official.


What the good folks back at BikesIndia have come up with is that the double tone choice in Gixxer is not standard but instead is work done at the dealer level. It was discovered that what the dealers do is that they take two new motorcycles, open them up and interchange change their fuel tanks, mud guards and seats. As a result, you get two new motorcycles in a dual-shade.


The dealers are charging a premium of Rs 2,000 for this exclusivity. But the finer print that we miss out on is the fact that what is the authenticity of all this. This is bcause it will pose an issue when it comes to RTO registration. This is because the RCs have the colour of the bike and these dual-tone aren’t registered with the RTO.


To illuminate on this, it was decided to investigate it further. The answer that came out was that the  a letter is issued to the client specifying that they have modified the body kit and it remains with the customers as the colour of the bike can’t be changed once registered.

So when getting the bike registered, the customers have to show this letter and the bike gets registered as it looks like. We suggest you to tread carefully with this!

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Source: BikesIndia