Suzuki Gixxer’s rusted parts to be replaced free of cost

For the lot of fuss going on since couple of weeks about the issue of parts being rusted on the recently launched Suzuki Gixxer has finally been accepted by the company and in turn Suzuki has also agreed that the customers who are facing this issue will get a free replacement of the rusted parts from the nearest Suzuki dealership across India.

suzuki-gixxer-rusting-parts-to-be-replacedSuzuki Gixxer 155 was launched in September-2014 & even than rusting issues started reporting by its customers.

Along with this, Suzuki has also assured that new models of Suzuki Gixxer being delivered from January 2015 will come with a special coating in order to prevent the parts from being rusted. As per the reports obtained, customers have found issues of rusting on the nuts, bolts, handle bar, exhaust muffler and front disc brake.

However most of the rust issues where found on the Gixxer’s nearer to sea area where concentration of salt is very high and also may be due to improper maintenance. Suzuki’s Gixxer was recently launched in September this year and has been offered with standard 2 year warranty which can be further extended to 5 years at the time of purchasing of the bike. Potential customers who are planning to purchase the fully faired Gixxer need not worry as the new models would all have a special coating preventing the parts from being rusted.

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See more pictures of Suzuki Gixxer’s rusted parts –

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