Tricks – BA Standing Wheelie

BA Standing Wheelie


  • Wear ISI certified helmet
  • Use tight t-shirts and jeans, loose shirts may invite trouble for you
  • Don’t wear slippers
  • Do not try in public places

How to do

  • Build up revs in first gear or second gear
  • Ensure the speedo hits 20kmph
  • Ensure the tacho is between 7000 -9000 rpm
  • Seat your legs at rear footpeg
  • Haul up the front wheel

Safety cautions

  • Ensure your body is at 90degree
  • Don’t panic when the rear mudguard scratches the road
  • Keep the head straight
  • If things go wrong slide towards the tank

(Disclaimer – is not responsible for crashes which may occur during practices, always wear safety gear/helmet and obviously find a safe place! Stay tuned for advanced stunned techniques.)


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