VIDEO: Toyota Innova does drifting and burnout on a public roads

In a Youtube video uploaded by MrTeddyrev, we can see a Toyota Innova drifting and burning some rubber on a public roads. We appreciate the driver skills, however, he should have found an empty parking lot, rather than showing-off his talent on busy streets.

In the video, the guy is seen having fun in the opposite direction of traffic before letting the big MPV loose. The Innova’s exhaust then pops a few times as the family MPV goes sideways, but the smoke from the exhaust screens above the smoke from the rubber and spoils the party. While in the below video, the same car is made to do a burnout.

The Innova here is blessed by a badly-tuned bigger turbo, and runs on Welds Drag Rim 15×10 wrapped with Hoosier Drag Slick 28×10.5R15.

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