‘Fast Life’ video on YouTube by Indian 777 shows this is how we roll in Bangalore City!

YouTube is a website where one can find videos of almost anything, and it shouldn’t surprise us to find weird videos too. But you aren’t going to read about any weird video today. We are going to talk about a Music video made by a Bangalore based Rapper who is known by his YouTube handle, ‘Indian 777’. The video in question is a video named ‘Fast Life’ in which the artist raps about the so called underground racing and stunting lifestyle in Bangalore.


Well, we cannot really call this the exact underground racing lifestyle of the city of Bangalore, as the racing scene in Bangalore is varied and one can see different types of vehicles participating in different races happening here. But we also cannot disagree with the fact that this is a part of the underground Bangalore lifestyle.

Seen in the video are, a few of the low-end motorcycles and cars found on Bangalore’s roads which is used for street racing. The video features a few of the local favorite stunters/riders popping wheelies on the highways around Bangalore. Other than wheelies, we can also see a few burnouts, a few doughnuts and stoppies too being done on the motorcycles.

The typical weekend of these riders is something like this – They meet up at Shivajinagar by around 10 pm and hang around for a while and after a sumptuous dinner, they ride their motorcycles towards Nandi Hills, or Tumkur Road, or NH-4 or Mysore Road and that is where these stunts are performed.

The vehicles seen in the video are: a number of different variants of the Yamaha RX series with different modifications, a few Yamaha YZF-R15’s, a few Suzuki Fiero’s , a Honda Activa, a TVS Victor, a TVS Apache and a Maruti Suzuki Esteem. All the vehicles have been modified differently. The music in the background, composed by ‘Indian 777’ himself is very nice and apt.

While the skills of these riders are commendable, the way these stunts are performed definitely is NOT! The riders are not wearing any protective gear, helmets and not even shoes which does set a very bad example to children who want to become riders in the future. Adding to the lack of protective gear is the fact that these stunts are being performed on public roads which is extremely dangerous not only to these riders but also to the people on the road.

These riders definitely have the skill to control their motorcycles, but the mechanical components of the motorcycles may fall apart which will definitely cause an accident, or a person who is just learning to ride might come and crash into the stunters, which poses danger to lives either way.

We, at bharathautos.com definitely encourage stunting, but only in a closed arena or on a ground or on a road which is out of reach to the general public.


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Source: Indian 777