Toyota Innova Crysta ZX wheels downsized to 16 from 17-inches

Toyota Innova Crysta was launched here back in May last-year with a pleasing set of features, including the very unusual (for its size) 17-inch alloys shod with 215/55 rubber. That has been changed to more realistic 16-inch wheels, according to the Toyota Innova’s official website.


The 17-inch wheels looked good but came at the cost of ride quality.

Toyota Innova Crysta’s top-spec ZX variant manufactured in 2017 will come with modest 205/65 tyres, wrapped around 16-inch wheels. These large wheels and low profile tyres was not a practical option, especially in the comfort-oriented MPV segment. Though the larger alloys looked good visually, they ruined the MPV’s ride quality, something that was pointed out by its customers.

This spec change may not be that bad a thing, depends on how one looks at it. While the 17s look great on the Innova Crysta, much better than the 16s without a doubt, the smaller wheels will contribute to improve the ride quality of the top-end variant, and rims replacement costs will be significantly lower. Also, the new 205/65 profile tyres’ sidewall will be thicker so the wheels will be less prone to damage.

Apart from this minor upgrade, the Innova Crysta ZX variant does not get any other changes for now and also the MPV continues to be offered at the existing price.

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