2008 Yamaha YZF-R15 to make comeback as R15-S, next-month

Remember the Yamaha YZF-R15 v1.0? The bike was introduced in 2008 as an entry-level sportsbike with the manufacturer’s R-DNA, this model bravely stepped-out of its den when Yamaha was not doing well in India and turned-out to be a winner, by grabbing a decent market share in its segment at the time.

The YZF-R15 got updated in 2011 dubbed as the ‘R15 v2.0’ with a host of upgrades including a high split rear seat, LED taillights, upswept silencer, wider rear tyre with tyre hugger, redesigned rear mud guard, 2 by 2 5-spoke alloy wheels, longer swingarm, a remapped ECU and modifications to powertrain for improved acceleration and top speed.


Now the YZF-R15 is set for yet another update named ‘YZF R15 v3.0’, this would feature serious technical upgrades and some design changes. Ahead of this new update, the Japanese manufacturer has decided to re-launch YZF-R15 v1.0 2008 model, and sell alongside the current R15 v2.0. Yamaha feels the R15 V1.0 has its own set of fans in the market that will appreciate the product.

The old YZF-R15 v1.0 in its second innings is called ‘Yamaha YZF-R15 S’ and will be slightly cheaper than the R15 v2.0, expect to be 3k-4k cheaper (on-road price). Underpinnings will be carried over from the current R15 v2.0, to differentiate both the YZF-R15 v1.0 will get elongated single seat, tail-kit, grab rails and rear fender from the pre-facelift model, also note the absence LED tail-lamp.

Rest of the features are similar to the current Yamaha YZF-R15 v2.0.

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