The Terminator drives a Hummer H1 powered by Hydrogen

Little children, especially boys, have a great interest and love for action movies. As children we are full of fantasy and we like to put up posters in our room displaying our love for all those things: cars, superhero or great action hero, etc. We tend to dress up like the action hero we idolize and mimic his dialogues or acts. No matter what anyone says, no one can wipe clean that image of a man you believe and have seen (in movies, of course) fight the meanest villain, kill the most dangerous align and save the world all by himself.

terminator-hydrogen-hummer-h1-arnold-schwarzenegger-001Hydrogen powered Hummer H1

And when we think of action movies and of such a man there is only one person who instantly pops into our mind, someone we all idolize for his acting skills and superb action sequences. He is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold is himself a car lover and not many of us are aware of the fact the he is also an environmental activist. Everyone knows how much he loves his Hummer.

terminator-hydrogen-hummer-h1-arnold-schwarzenegger-002Hydrogen powered Hummer H1

We have come to know that during one of his gubernatorial campaigns, Arnold decided and announced his plan to convert one of his Hummers so that it will now run on Hydrogen, a cleaner and more environment friendly fuel.

terminator-hydrogen-hummer-h1-arnold-schwarzenegger-003Hydrogen powered Hummer H1

The conversion of the Hummer H1 cost Arnold about $21,000. After he was elected, Arnold signed an executive order which was basically about creating Hydrogen refueling plants (California Hydrogen Highway Network). Arnold just not have a fleet of Hummers. He also own a number of other gorgeous cars.

terminator-hydrogen-hummer-h1-arnold-schwarzenegger-004Hydrogen powered Hummer H1

Some of which he owns include a Mercedes Benz Unimog, Mercedes Benz SLS GT Roadster, Porsche 911 and a Dodge Challenger. A lot of pictures of Arnold driving the Hydrogen powered Hummer H1 have surface over the internet. Have a look for yourself.

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Source – Autoevolution

Image Credit – zimbio & celebritycarsblog