Tata Sumo Grande modified by Big Daddy Customs

Tata Xenon Concept - FrontView

Delhi-based custom shop, BigDaddyCustoms has built a concept car based on the Tata Sumo Grande, called the Xenon. Yes, this are same guys who became world famous when they revealed the Moon Rover, a Safari modified to look like a Range Rover Evoque. Now BigDaddyCustoms has built another amazing looking car based on another Tata car.

The Xenon concept features an Ultramarine blue-matt grey color combination throughout the body work with blacked out original wheels and smoked glass house area. Other changes include redesigned front bumper, headlamps and grille. LED lights too have been added to the bumpers to make it look more stylish. At the rear, the tail lamps and bumper too are reworked. This macho looking SUV features a many ‘XENON’ badges all over the car, like the front grill, on the tailgate as well as the illuminated side step.

According to BigDaddyCustoms, “The main objective of this exercise was to study the possibilities on how to modernize the now dated looking GRANDE and make it look more urban, contemporary and SUV-ish rather than MUV-cab image it carries.”

Tata Xenon Concept - RearView

Furthermore, they say that the Xenon project was offered to them by Tata Motors itself. In order to get reactions from the public to a modern crossover based on the Tata Sumo Grande. While handing over the project, they were given strict guidelines by Tata like only alter the plastic and soft body areas, leaving the metal body parts untouched.

So that if Tata gets a very positive response, the Indian car manufacturer may just put this amazing looking crossover into production, without adding any additional manufacturing cost. The folks at BigDaddyCustoms have christened the project as ‘Xenon’ as it shares many common parts with it and also say it would have been better if it was originally launched as a ‘Xenon’ three cab variant rather than associating the Sumo brand name with it.


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Source BigDaddyCustoms (on Facebook)