Tata Safari converted into Range Rover Evoque

Moon Rover - FrontView

Earlier last-year, we brought you the snaps of old Toyota Corolla modified into a Ferrari F430 at Executive modcar tech team. Now here is some thing, even we couldn’t have imagined about – A Tata Safari being transformed into a Range Rover Evoque and christened as ‘Moon Rover’ by a new Delhi-based custom shop called BigDaddyCustoms.

Moon Rover - RearView

Yes! Under the reworked hood lies the heart of an old Tata Safari. Transformation is in terms of a complete make-over to the exteriors. The front-fascia has been upgraded to look just like the Evoque with a replica front bumper, angel eyes for headlamps and also features a LED daytime running lamps. The rear has also adopted the Evoque looks with new quad tailpipes and custom paint jobs. The interiors have been tuned as well and are dressed in red leather. Alloy wheels with some fat chunky rubber look simply awesome.

What we say? In my opinion they did a great job even though the outcome looks just a little awkward. Meanwhile, the upcoming Tata Safari Storm is said to have borrowed a lot of features from its cousin Land Rover models along with the flatter front end, the flared head lamps and the new rear-end omitting the spare wheel.


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Moon Rover - 005     Moon Rover - 006     Moon Rover - 007     Moon Rover - 008


Source – Bigdaddycustoms (on Facebook)